2017 Jeep Compass Interior And Pictures

Jeep continues to amaze car enthusiasts as she teases her all-new four versions of the Jeep Compass for 2017 release. Jeep boasts distinctive, cohesive design at a compelling price with its new 2017 Jeep Compass at LA Auto Show.

The iconic and legendary utility vehicle has been around the market for 70 years and still produces new eye catching models. 2017 Jeep Compass has been introduced with four versions across various types of driving experience; Sport, Latitude, Trailhawk and Limited.

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Exterior of 2017 Jeep Compass

The 2017 Jeep Compass will not be so different from its predecessor, at least not outdoors. Laminate windows have proven effective in reducing exterior noise, so they make a comeback. The headlights are stronger than on your average SUV, so the new Compass features a pair of redesigned rectangular bi-xenon spotlight headlamps with halogen lights and turn indicators. The grid features new chrome elements as well as a dark background to make them stand out even more. The new dimensions proved to be a success, just like the new materials, so despite its size increase, the new Compass weighs less, contributing to handling, stability and fuel consumption. Finally, there are optional 18-inch wheels instead of the 16-inch stock version. 2017 Jeep Compass

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Inside, we can expect a number of options, including brown seat leather for the seats. Otherwise, the vinyl cladding of the old school is a nice touch (especially if the fabric is not your thing), as is the updated dashboard. Since it is a compact crossover SUV, it can take only five people, but there is plenty of interior space for each of them, unless you need extra storage space, Case all you need is to fold the seats and make room for everything you need to transport. Other than that, the features are quite simple – a new infotainment system, USB ports, air conditioning, optional navigation system and Bluetooth.

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Engine 2017 Jeep Compass

This section should undergo major revision. We do not know how important the changes will be, the only thing we know for sure is that the full range of the engine will be covered with four-cylinder engines. Most likely, the major engine unit should become new turbocharged, 2.0-liter unit.

In addition, some of the new features should be a six-speed manual and nine-speed automatic options in the transmission department, while at the same time, front-wheel drive should remain standard, while the All-wheel drive should remain optional.

Price and Availability

The Jeep Compass 2018 is expected to enter the market in the last quarter of 2017. Consumers will have the opportunity to choose between Sport and Latitude. The Latitude model should sell a price of about $ 24,500. The sports model should cost about $ 19,900.

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