2018 BMW M550d Facelift And Photos

BMW doubles its 5 Series performance models with the new M550d xDrive diesel engine that follows the M550i xDrive petrol engine.

Available in sedan and in the more practical Carriage Styles, the 2018 BMW M550d is equipped with a standard all-wheel drive in the rear, but that’s under the hood that makes this 5er special.

The new M550d will be available in both the living room and the Touring real estate area and will feature a stuffed cabin similar to the standard 5 series. Optional leather-trimmed leather seats and Alcantara should be available with a standard M brand steering wheel and the company’s enhanced iDrive entertainment system with real-time satellite navigation updates.

2018 BMW M550d Facelift Image

The new 2018 BMW M550d will be subtly different from the standard 5-Series with a combination of newer aerodynamic bumpers, lowered suspensions, blue-painted brake calipers and dual-output exhaust tips. A set of gray trim pieces on the wing, grid and mirrors will also be fitted as standard with this rival Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6 performing.

BMW  with 3.0-liter quad-turbocharged the latest wave of diesel technology, at least with regard to cars. The engine offers 394 horsepower and 560 pounds of feet and makes its debut last year in a 750d. Neither of the two models is intended to be sold in the US, so do not worry about putting hope.

The engine uses two low pressure turbos and two high pressure turbos. This may seem too high, but according to BMW, this arrangement allows to quickly increase the pressure at low rpm and maintained throughout the range of regime. For example, there is already 332 lb-ft of torque at only 1,000 rpm, and the 560 lb-ft peak arrives only 1,000 revs later and is maintained at 3,000 rpm. Peak power is generated at 4,400 rpm.

2018 BMW M550d Image

The new M550d is expected to go on sale between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Salon models could cost around £ 55,000, while Touring versions could earn you around £ 3,000 more in the range.

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