2018 BMW Z4 Interior And Details

A 2018 BMW Z4 development car was spotted at the Nürburgring in a high performance test. One can see the successor to Z4 carrying a production specifications body covered with light camouflage. The observation follows an earlier video (see below), where the car appears to be composing in a bend at the beat and can be seen wearing winglets on its nose – suggesting that BMW was evaluating the car’s performance in case of load.

2018 BMW Z4 Interior Image

The Z4 replacement should wear a long hat, BMW kidney grilles and angular headlights as well as a large air intake built into the bumper. The rear of the car features a built-in spoiler in the trunk lid and two exhaust pipes. The prototypes use a folding roof made of soft fabric that should lead to the production model, replacing the hard rigid design of the last car.

The design of the 2018 BMW Z4 dashes seems to be a slight departure from other BMW models. The center console has a more angular design than the current model and the infotainment screen is tilted towards the driver. The car could include a group of digital gauges instead of traditional analog gauges as seen on the prototype. This test mule is equipped with a manual gearbox suggesting that a user-friendly three-pedal model will be present in the range.

2018 BMW Z4 Features Photo

On the dashboard, this is a 2018 BMW Z4 s20i, with a B48 engine – in the BMW code it is a gasoline engine with four-cylinder 2.0 liter (B47 stablemate is a diesel motor). The paperwork suggests that this particular example reveals 145kW (194bhp) and 320Nm (236lb ft) of torque, and this is clearly linked to a six-speed manual H-model transmission. The same motor may be available with higher output power – think a s30i, for example.

In addition, on the useful cheat sheet, this is a scheduled start date of November 2018, although industry observers suggest that other variants may reach the market earlier.

According to information on the dashboard-mounted specification sheet – the s20i is slated for a November 2018 release. The more powerful versions could start production earlier in the year. Entry level models could earn you £ 40,000, while six-cylinder range models could cost up to £ 70,000

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