2018 Honda Clarity Review And Pictures

The original Honda to carry the Clarity badge was a fuel cell vehicle with a limited US availability to hand-picked tenants in California. Now, about four years after interrupting this FCX Clarity, Big H has launched a new version, and the name Clarity now describes a full range of electrified sedans. The fuel cell of Honda Clarity Electric 2018 will also be available in Oregon, while the Clarity plug-in hybrid will be sold to Americans from the sea to the shining sea.

2018 Honda Clarity Engine Picture

2018 Honda Clarity Outdoor Design

The completely redesigned vehicle, the new 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid seems even more futuristic than the previous model. The silhouette is reminiscent of a Citroën GSA, but it is not certain that the Honda actually targeted this, in fact, they managed to link the new technologies with a bit of retro. The front is still dominated by a large intake grille and a Honda panel. Frame these two are futuristic LED headlamps, and the fog lights are a bit deeper in the front bumper. The hood is rounded and the windscreen just continues.

As a family sedan, the new clarity is rather a long vehicle, a length of about five meters. The other dimensions have not yet been published, but one thing is for sure, all vehicles will be oriented towards fuel economy and pricing independence. The rear wheel is covered a bit by a mudguard, which reminiscent of a retro design.2018 Honda Clarity  Pictures Image

2018 Honda Clarity Inside

All about technology, but very simple, Clarity shows the intention to be a true family car, easy to use. The subsequent hybrid models could be a bit confusing with all of these buttons, all switches and all sorts of things, but not this one. The dashboard is almost empty, the only thing in question is a large touchscreen and a climate control underneath. It simply gives the feeling of comfort by looking inside. The interior is actually divided into four sections. The position of the batteries, which are placed directly in the middle of a vehicle, actually divides the car into two. The Shift by Wire system makes the car much more convenient to drive and also save.

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2018 Honda Clarity Engine Specs Picture

2018 Honda Clarity Engine

The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, launched at dealers nationwide in 2017, is expected to win a 42-mile electric drive line, the longest of all mid-sized plug hybrids. The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid can utilize its 1.5-liter Atkinson Hyper-Efficient 4-cylinder engine to generate electricity and, under certain conditions, directly power the power source. Translated by an anticipated global ranking Beyond 330 miles.

The electromotive power of the vehicle comes from an 181 horsepower electric motor producing 232 lb.-ft. The torque and stretching power of the gasoline engine and a 17 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery with a recharge time of 2.5 hours at 240 volts. The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid should earn an EPA fuel economy rating of 105 MPGe (miles per gallon of equivalent gasoline) combined at the top of its class.

Release Date and Price

The new clarity is expected to reach the roads by the end of 2017. but Honda can easily postpone it by early 2018.

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