2018 Honda N-BOX Interior

The 2018 Honda N-Box will be manufactured only for the Japanese business sector, it is rather worked by Japanese models for Japanese individuals. Others are welcome to buy it, despite the fact that they will do it all on their own. That means it’s little by the Japanese guidelines and the main thing that’s high is the roof giving the vehicle an impossible look to miss. Despite the fact that this is not implicit for kids or anything, many adults in Japan are really turning to this type of vehicle, so future model offers must intrigue.

While retaining the attractive features of the first-generation N-BOX, such as a sense of class of vehicle that goes beyond expectations for mini-vehicles and livability, sophistication and quality have been pursued even in the smallest details. all types as standard equipment and the adoption of laser brazing technology to join the roof and body side panels. As for the interior, N-BOX has a beige color as the base color to create a relaxing space as if occupants spend time in a café. The N-BOX Custom is black as the base color to express a fascinating interior space and high quality.

A spacious cabin that had already been a popular feature of the 2018 Honda N-BOX was expanded by making the engine room more compact and the tailgate thinner. By lowering the height of the tailgate opening, loading and unloading of large items such as bicycles is facilitated. Regarding the seating arrangement, in addition to a version with a classic seat, a version equipped with the Super Slide-front passenger seat and the version equipped with an aluminum slope (7) are available. The newly adopted Super Slide front passenger seat with 570 mm forward and backward travel allows the occupant to move more easily between the rear seats and the driver’s seat and allows versatile seating in combination with the rear seats. Sliding rear seats are now standard equipment on the all-new N-BOX.

Available in two and four wheel drive, two engine options are listed for the N-Box. The first is of the naturally aspirated variety, producing 58 PS (57 horsepower) and 65 Nm (48 lb-ft). The turbocharger variant is more convincing, but do not expect such lifting performance.

The base model of the 2018 Honda N-Box is expected to go for typically $ 10,000. The others should have a higher price, of course.

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