2018 Hyundai Verna Performance And Test Drive

2018 Hyundai Verna Towing Capacity Image

The 2018 Hyundai Accent is fifth generation of the compact sedan, which will hit the Indian market as the all-new Hyundai Verna next year.

The new 2018 Hyundai Verna, the fifth generation of the mid-sized sedan, gets a brand new platform; Called internally the new platform “K2”. The platform is intrinsically more rigid, implies an increased use of high strength steel (50% in the new Verna). The platform reinforces the overall structural integrity and safety of the sedan. The new model also gets a design revision that obeys the Fluidic 2.0 Design language that, at present, we know. But, although there are clearly identifiable elements of the Elantra in the new Verna, it always refers to the lines of the outgoing model. The large signature hood grid with chrome slats now follows the cascading design, the curved lights, the taillights with LED signatures have all been inspired by the Elantra, but reinterpreted in the Verna. Even the lip of Verna’s boot lid was borrowed from the Elantra. The new Verna is also larger, although the exact figures of the India-spec model have not yet been revealed. The only noticeable bit on the dimensions that we would not have liked was the roof, which is quite tight at the back. The well-curved roof line seems to have affected the margin of maneuver, so it will be a little tightening for six feet.

With the addition of DRL LEDs, new 16-inch diamond-cut alloys and LED rear lights, the exterior of the new Verna looks stronger, albeit little, as the outgoing model was not a problem. The interior of the new Verna tells a better story with a clear improvement in the quality of materials and finishes. The quality of the plastic parts and the buttons and controls make it possible to obtain a big jump and a quality of meaning. The new Verna makes a big jump in the number of features and many of them seem to have been brought by the most expensive brothers and sisters. Cruise control, ventilated front seats, smartphone connectivity, rear ventilations, power sunroof, turn lights and a new eco-coating technology for the evaporator to make the cabin air odorless Are some new superior additions in Verna.

2018 Hyundai Verna Msrp Photo

The 2018 Hyundai Verna gets f 1.4-liter or 1.6-liter petrol and diesel engines. India Bound 2017 Hyundai Verna Tease Engines are available with the choice of 5-speed manual for 1.4-liter engines, while 1.6-liter 1.6-liter includes a 6-speed manual transmission or an automatic transmission

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