2018 Suzuki Celerio Interior

For a small car in the global car market, the Suzuki Celerio has had disproportionate coverage in Autocar, not to mention the complete review you’re about to read. 2018 Suzuki Celerio may have justified much of this coverage by itself and in the usual way because of its novel, interesting, practical and attractive character. We expect nothing less from Suzuki – and we will cover these many facets in detail.

As with most city cars, the Celerio steering wheel adjusts only for height (no reach). That means you may have trouble finding the perfect driving position, even if the cheapest version has a height-adjustable driver’s seat, which is rare in the city class. The seat is easy to adjust. lateral and lumbar support (lumbar). Again, the same criticisms can be made to many cars in this price range. The dashboard is relatively easy to grasp, thanks to the simple rotary controls of the heater (or the air conditioning system on the top trim levels). Relatively narrow windshields offer good visibility to the front and rear seats. side windows are sufficiently high and wide not to cause any problems when exiting the intersections. The line of the window rises slightly to the rear and the rear pillars are quite big, although the visibility over the shoulder is still quite decent. It is just too bad that the rear parking sensors are not suitable for any version. They are not available as optional options, either; the only way to get them is as a dealer accessory.

The only available engine is a 1.0 liter three-cylinder petrol engine with 67 hp. It may sound a little weak, but it’s enough in a car as small and light as the 2018 Suzuki Celerio. Clearly, the acceleration on offer will never make your heart beat, but the car will not feel too far away on faster roads and highways. As you might expect, however, his performance is better suited to driving in the city.

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