2019 Acura TSX Engine And Pictures

2019 Acura TSX will have more features with new technologies in the automotive industry. It is a luxury car that belongs to the average category of Acura. As you know, Acura is a brand and a manufacturer affiliated with Honda. You can see the same similarities between Acura and some Honda products, but the touch of luxury makes the difference.

2019 acura tsx  Updates Picture

Before testing the engine performance and driving experience, you will likely give a high rating for the 2019 Acura TSX design. There are four packages, including standard, GT, technology and advance package. For the latter, you will get the luxurious driving experience. The size and shape of the body of the car do not change too much from the old model. It still uses the xenon lamp which will create the trendy and fresh look. There will be the new grid design that will fly the show to the outside. In addition, the body materials will be lighter.

When you look at the interior design, you will find that the design of the seats is equipped with heating technology and an elegant leather upholstery. In addition, 2019 Acura TSX will provide you with the optimum driving position and improved equipment. The car’s entertainment system includes an audio system with 7 speakers, a port for USB connectivity and an 8.8 “touchscreen.The dual-zone automatic delivery and climate control will be the standard technology system of 2019 Acura TSX.

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The security system is quite advanced. This car is awarded as one of the best safety designs by some insiders and critics due to the functionality of the front vision camera and adaptive speed control.

The standard 2019 Acura TSX will use a 2.4-liter V-4 four-cylinder engine. The result is 201 horses and 172 pounds of torque. The next engine will use a 5.0 liter turbocharged V6 engine. It can produce 305 horsepower and 254 pounds of torque. The transmission will be available in 6-speed automatic transmission and 5-speed manual transmission system.
2019 Acura TSX Price and release date

The price of the new Acura TSX is still a mystery. Acura has not released the official price of the TSX 2019 model. Some experts predict that the new TSX will have a price of about $ 30,000 for the base model and $ 40,000 for the top model. The release date of this premium Acura sedan is also unbound. Rumors have said that Acura will release the Acura TSX 2019 model in early 2019.

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