2019 Chevy Corvette Performance And New Body Line

2019 Chevy Corvette – Looking at the new shots, we see that the C8 will be similar in size to the C7 but with a lower and wider position. It will not get many exotic vertical doors, but it seems there is a small front overhang.  One of the biggest challenges is supposed to be heat management.

2019 chevy corvette Facelift Image

The 2019 Chevy Corvette will not be an expensive limited-price supercar as the GT. We hear that the base of the car’s mid-engine platform will be the C7 aluminum space-space structure rather than a totally new design. We also hear that there will be a new LT5 engine and a hybrid plug-in option offered in variants of range.

2019 chevy corvette Colors Image

At the moment, you are probably wondering why GM would move the boat with such a dramatic change to the Corvette formula. Apparently, the front engine, the layout of the rear wheels reach its limits. Also, the Camaro based on Alpha is already slamming at the heels of his big brother. Thus, to help separate future Corvettes from the Camaro, a more exotic design was needed.

2019 chevy corvette Models Picture

Expect the next Corvette to launch by wearing a version of the venerable engine at small and small Chevrolet runway behind the occupants. A year later, there should be a medium-term revival of the original ZR-1 engine concept: a 32-valve V-8. And since GM has registered E-Ray, we are expecting a form of hybrid powertrain option.

The 2019 Chevy Corvette will arrive in 2018. The price should start at around $ 80,000, increasing rapidly as more power is introduced.

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