2019 Lexus ES Release Date

2019 Lexus ES – With the New Toyota Avalon debuting last month at the North American International Auto Show, all eyes are now on Lexus. Rumor has it that Toyota’s luxury division is working on a brand new SE for 2019.

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2019 Lexus ES Review

The outgoing 2019 Lexus ES has never really been on the lookout; its overall appearance is rather moderate compared to other models in the Lexus range or perhaps why it sells so well? 2019 will sharpen the pencil, with slimmer lines, aggressive grids and better proportions. The headlights have interesting serrated contours, while the grille will be proposed cascade or mesh for sports versions. The thick chrome highlights the waistline near the center upright and the smooth horizontal rear lights at the rear.

Toyota’s new global architecture that underpins almost everything from C-HR, Prius, Camry, as well as the upcoming Avalon and Corolla models to name just a few. For the ES, this means it will share the same platform as Avalon, something that bodes well with significant advances in rear occupant space, dynamic prowess, ride quality and safety.

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Lexus ES 2019 Performance

We expect a 3.5-liter V6 engine to continue to be the default engine for the standard ES350. Like the 2018 Camry, the ES should benefit from more power (for a total of about 300 horsepower) and an eight-speed automatic gearbox to replace the outgoing six-speed. An ES hybrid is also a safe bet, probably with a version of the 2018 Camry Hybrid transmission. If ES eventually takes over the GS, it would need to purchase an AWD option in addition to its standard traction configuration. before.

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Lexus ES Price

The new ES is expected to debut in a year as a 2019 model, at a price slightly higher than today’s car, which starts at $ 39,895 for the ES350 and $ 42,815 for the hybrid ES300h.

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