2019 Renault Espace Exterior

It is a native of Paris Motor Show was chosen by the company for the presentation of its new minivan 2019 Renault Espace year. Who would have thought, but this is the fifth generation of this model, which means it’s a long history of existence. The car has changed. And external and internal. But all is not lost their haven in the face of practicality, reliability, space.

2019 Renault Espace Exterior  Interior Picture

Renault Espace 2019 Performance

The new Renault Espace 2019, built on a CMF modular platform, has reduced the weight of its predecessor by 250 kilograms. The range of engines is composed of two diesel engines and a gasoline engine. All engines running 1.6 liter volume. The 130 dCi 130, which develops 130 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque, is the basis of the car’s engine, and works in tandem with the undisputed 6-speed manual transmission.

DCi 160 Twin Turbo engine generates 160 horsepower and 380 Newton-meters, combined with a 6-speed EDC robotic gearbox. TCe 200 gasoline engine has a power of 200 horsepower, 260 Nm of torque, too aggregated “robot” the EDC, but has 7 steps. The Multi-Sense system allows each driver to select a travel mode of the four preprogrammed (Eco, Comfort, Neutral, Sport) and customizable (Personal). Multi-Sense affect engine operation, EDC box configuration, 4Control frame polnoupravlyaemogo setting, suspension and steering settings.

2019 Renault Espace Exterior Price Picture

Renault Espace Exterior

If you look at photo and video equipment, it becomes obvious that the car is bright and interesting. In principle, the classic minivan, it can hardly be described as the outside clearly drawn cross notes. As a result, we are confronted with emotional cars with the charisma and traditional charm of the French automotive industry. The front part was very interesting hood made with soft lines and a huge label maker at the heart of a large grille, complemented by chrome “And the crossbars.I like the optics of the head, the LED has received In addition, the buyer will receive a LED optics already in the basic equipment, which can only rejoice.The front bumper received a powerful and massive, with large air intake openings Along the edges of the LED fog lights are located, perfectly shaped in psevdovozduhovody.

2019 Renault Espace Exterior  Price Image

New Renault Espace Interior

How often do we face situations where a dull interior hidden behind the luminous appearance. Fortunately, in the case of the Renault Espace 2018-2019 that did not happen. Shop as a continuous exterior and give new reasons to praise the French. The heated front seats and the passenger have an enviable level of comfort, pronounced lateral support and high quality upholstery. As a result, landing is very easy for a man of any complexion. In addition, as an option, you can adjust the dimmer for position adjustment on the front seats and 8-way memory settings. The seats are equipped with heating, ventilation and massager. The driver, in addition to the multifunction steering wheel, has at his disposal the dashboard, equipped with a TFT screen. The driver can change the displayed image information and the backlight. In addition, there is a projection screen that displays all data in full.

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