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According to the French auto magazine Auto Plus, the Renault Zoe will get a makeover in July. The 2019 Renault Zoe has been for some time the best-selling electric car in Europe, but with more competition this year, this super electric supermini needs upgrading to keep its leading position. When we think of upgrading cars electric, our immediate attention goes to the capacity and range of the battery. Nevertheless, there are many things that are just as important in an electric car.

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And regardless of this, although our fails to significantly minimize the price. The cost of a tiny car is £ 18,445 on Turnbeck, just before you get £ 4,500 from your central government to tend to help you, but our personal vibrating NAFs described are great. What can boost the new position of now a magnificent diagram for a very long assortment of controlled electric battery (considerably, but clever delivery at 80Per cent will need some particular 30 circumstances), and is also over 24,045 pounds?

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Fortunately, the Slackens go a little further in the pack, so look at it, and a huge amount of intriguing detail on an immediate car is enough. Also, that’s exactly what 2019 Renault Zoe wants if it’s possible. The range, in improving the elements of this kind of problem and geology is absolutely dishonorable We take flight with it should be 70-100 ml. This could be great in light of how the car is perfect for actively playing his career and young people to maneuver sensibly, Cycling, university without existence anytime you have to give up.

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The New Zoe is equipped with Renault’s R-Link system, which manages navigation and entertainment tasks. The “Z.E. Link” function can find you a loader on your route and guide you there. I discovered, however, that you can not really rely on it – you have to plan carefully and understand where all the stations are if you do not want to get stuck in the middle of the highway.

The rumored name R110 suggests an electric motor of 82 kW (110 HP), which means a power increase of 22% compared to the previous R90 version. Enough to make it fun to drive and perhaps more efficient at highway speeds. Renault said that before, the new electric cars of this automaker will finally have the ability to quickly charge via a CCS connector. The CCS capacity combined with the 22 kW three-phase on-board charger is the perfect combination for European customers.

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