2019 Volkswagen Beetle Redesign

2019 Volkswagen Beetle – From an ordinary car to an SUV and back to the shape of an ordinary car, the auto market is flowing like water through cracks. Seeing that the demand for the retro look of the Beetle is not so high, Volkswagen will offer an SUV version when the next generation of the car arrives in 2019.

The change would be the original Beetle, which was rear-wheel drive with a rear engine. According to the report, if an electric Beetle materializes, its powertrain will reside behind. The car would compliment the new Volkswagen Microbus, based on the Buzz ID concept shown earlier this year at the Detroit show.

According to President Herbert Diess, VW’s program for electric cars provides for “emotional” concepts to come. Diess has already hinted at a new electric Beetle when he commented on the prospects of an all-electric Volkswagen Thing and is reborn. The platform SEM, the architecture dedicated to the electric car of VW, seems ready to be reborn several cars emblematic of the history of the mark. It was clear, however, that 2019 Volkswagen Beetle did not make a decision on a new Beetle. It will be for the company’s board of directors to vote when considering its upcoming electric car lineup. The SEM is an ally of “emotional concepts” thanks to its flexibility.

The German Auto Bild magazine today reports many SUVs it expects to arrive until 2020. Among them is also a coupe version of the still undisclosed Skoda Snowman model. The same source suggests that the Beetle SUV will have a hybrid engine option for the US market with 204 horsepower (possibly a Golf GTE engine). It would come with a jack suspension and the first 4Motion all-wheel drive system on a consumer Beetle.

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