2019 Volkswagen GTI Release Date And Specs

2019 Volkswagen GTI  – The eight-generation Volkswagen Golf will be unveiled in 2019 before being marketed worldwide (including South Africa) in 2020, with hot versions of GTI shortly thereafter. According to VW insiders, the Golf will remain its most important product, at least for another generation, as the German brand develops and deploys its entire new series of electric vehicles.

Our images show how the new 2019 Volkswagen GTI will take the careful silhouette of the Mk8 Golf and pump it with a deeper front bumper, C-shaped LED position lights, lower side thresholds and a rear diffuser with a pair of coke tips. The red stripe marks the width of the grille and the thinner LED lights, highlighting the red GTI badge. Thus, the different versions of the new GTI will be sharper, faster and consume much less fuel, which is not entirely due to the more powerful engines. VW is expected to use innovative steel-to-polymer sandwich sandwich technology for some body panels, reducing the weight of these components by 30%. By gluing thin sheets of steel on either side of a polymer core, the weight of the Golf Hood, for example, can be reduced by about 2 kg. Of course, carbon fiber is even lighter and stiffer, but costs a lot more.

The next 2019 Volkswagen GTI is expected to produce more power than the current 261hp Clubsport model. The special versions of Range-topping could pump up to 325 hp, which is more than the Golf R. This increase will come with the addition of a small electric motor and a powerful 48V battery. The GTI will be equipped as standard with a seven-speed DSG automatic transmission. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether the new generation will be available with a manual transmission. It is safe to say that the engine of the new GTI will not only be more powerful but also more fuel-efficient than the current model. Lightweight materials and an improved chassis will contribute to both fuel economy and performance.

The eighth generation of the Golf is expected to go on sale by the end of 2017 or early 2018. Expect the Golf GTI to go on sale shortly after 2019. The entry-level GTI models could cost around £ 28,000, while the Clubsport editions could leave you with an invoice of more than £ 30,000.


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