2020 Audi Q3 Photos

2020 Audi Q3 – The development of a new generation Audi Q3 is well underway, as confirmed by our latest spy photos. The new compact crossover SUV is expected to be on sale in 2019 as a 2020 model, and so far Audi does not seem to have any surprises in terms of design.

Few things look different from the outside, but it’s clear that the 2020 model will eventually be upgraded to Audi’s new design, giving up the last remnants of the vertical grille that dominated business years ago.

Most of the changes to the new model will take place under the skin, where the Q3 will abandon its ripe foundations for the benefit of the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform.

We expect this to result in a slightly (but not significantly) larger car on the inside and the outside, although packaging improvements should pay the most dividends when it comes to shipping. interior space.

Look for turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder engines, although a plug-in hybrid option may be available at some point. We are also expecting a recovery of the RS Q3 with the same turbocharged 2.5-liter 2.5-liter engine found in the latest RS 3. The good news is that Acer Sport should be offering RS Q3 in the US this time.

The 2020 Audi Q3 should bow next year, and we expect to hear news of the electrified variants made possible by the new platform soon after its debut. It is also likely that he ventures into the territory of the RS.

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