2020 BMW 7-Series Test Mule

Revolutionary technological innovation in lighting design, generating chassis, operating systems and on-site wired connections, merging the unparalleled driving of a pleasure car as well as the long-haul simplicity in the high-performance saloon. stop. In the end, after almost every year rumors, records and assessments of learning abilities, the BMW 7 Series is definitely the 6 year age group. The 2020 BMW 7-Series represents a significant breakthrough for your BMW spirit device with regard to chassis layout.

The good news is that BMW will make substantial changes to the Series 7 mid-cycle upgrade. A recently-seen prototype sported far more camouflage equipment than what you normally see for a mid-range update. cycle. It seems that BMW will present a new face for the car with new headlights, a new hood and a new, larger grille. The changes at the back will be less spectacular. The most important ones will be the modified taillights.

The interior should also be made more luxurious as part of BMW’s plan to make the 7 Series more special. The high-end cars will carry a black and white version of the BMW Rondeau first used 100 years ago. There will also be new technologies. Like be Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, whom BMW will begin presenting to her cars in 2018. Do not be surprised if more advanced autonomous driving capabilities are added. BMW is working closely with Here, Intel and Mobileye to develop its self-driving technology.

2020 BMW 7-Series will run on the newest 2-liter turbine engine capacity. The power unit has 260 horsepower. This engine is mounted on a model with 730i conventional wheels, with regard to models of cars with 740i reinforced wheels, because it is more powerful volume unit of 3 liters and a power of 330 horsepower.The most powerful engine will be installed in the BMW 7 Series 760i. Its volume is 6.6 liters, the unit produces about 550 horses. The car will be equipped with AWD or rear. All engines are supplied with an 8 and 9 degree automatic transmission.

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