2020 BMW 8-Series Pictures

In the latest spy photos, it shows a convertible that resembles the 2020 Bmw 8-Series convertible. The original 8-series never gave birth to a convertible, even though BMW built a prototype. Although spy photos show a soft roof, this could be a dummy unit that hides the retractable hardtop. BMW’s carbon-infused CLAR modular platform, which debuted in the 2016 Series 7, may well be the basis of the car.

We mainly look at the taillights. They seem to use a LED light strip for primary lighting. They extend as far ahead and around the rear wings. This corresponds with the headlights, which also return to the wheel arches. We can also say that this is a 2020 Bmw 8-Series type garden, rather than the M version we saw earlier. This is because it has much smaller wheels, tires and brakes. It also has the exhaust outlet fully integrated into the rear bumper, like the coupe. On the M version we saw, the exhaust uses more traditional round tips.

If we are witnessing what will be the future 2020 Bmw 8-Series, let’s see what we know about the specifications that it will have. It will definitely be based on the brand new platform CLAR, this new series 7 introduced. This means low weight and stiffness due to the intensive use of carbon fiber, high strength steel and aluminum. In addition, the new platform is compatible with alternative powertrains, making the hybrid version a viable option.

As it would be the model sitting above the 6 Series, it will likely enter the market with 850, 860 with the M performance, using the V8 and V12 engines in the brand’s lineup. If the hybrid is born, BMW can use the Power eDrive rechargeable hybrid system, with a four-cylinder gasoline engine coupled with electric motors and delivering 250 hp to 660 hp, although the 8 series two .

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